02 August 2022

The XXVI Agrobieszczady fair, organized annually in Lesko, is the largest regional tourism, forestry and local product event. The last fair promoted local culinary products and handicrafts, the artistic values of the region, as well as forestry and hunting. At the fairs, visitors could see an exhibition of various animals and ornamental plants and they could taste local, organic food. Agricultural and gardening equipment were also presented at the fair. Many attractions have been prepared for children and young people, such as "The forest wheel of fortune".

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25 June 2020

This year's, June, repeated rainfall thunderstorms, limited the number of tourists coming to the Bieszczady Mountains. Near our centre, Sosnowa Aleja, soaked land slumped, causing a breach under the construction of the terrace of the neighbour’s house. A large amount of water flowing from the mountains also threatened the other buildings. All-night vigilance of the owners and their hard work of endangered houses helped to protect farms against their destruction. The Hoczewka river flowing through our area has gained the highest water level in recent years (see photo 11 and 12). The threat was the increasing water pressure caused by trees blocking it at the bridge supports. Rapid intervention of the fire brigade prevented other damage.

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23 March 2020

The warm days of March 2020 revived the Bieszczady nature. At Sosnowa Aleja, we started extracting birch sap, which is known for its health-promoting properties. Drinking birch sap can help the body cure and prevent many conditions. The most important advantages: it supports the body in the fight against viruses, alleviates severe rheumatic pains, has analgesic and antipyretic effects. After a few warm days, frosts stopped birch sap secretion, but we hope to resume drinking this healthy sap soon.

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05 February 2020

In the first days of February 2020, tourists' dreams at winter with lots of snow and light frost came true. Night snowfall increased the snow cover to 25 cm, so a large amount of snow contributed to breaking down many young pines and spruces. The children and their parents staying with us were very happy because they could play in the snow. In the evenings, bonfires were lit and parties were held until late at night. 

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30 December 2019

A few days before Christmas, a friend group of tourists visited Sosnowa Aleja. They planned their holiday rest in the Hotel & Rezydencja Arłamów complex. Taking advantage of their short stay, we familiarized the tourists with the attractions of our centre Sosnowa Aleja. Then we went to the Arłamów hotel complex. We used a few days stay in Arłamów to present on our website the most beautiful places in this holiday complex.

In addition, we suggest that you read the RECOMMENDED ATTRACTIONS regarding the Arłamów Hotel:
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25 March 2019

As a result of the strong winds that hit the center of Sosnowa Aleja in the first decade of March 2019, many trees and branches were broken in the whole of our alley. In addition, the wind brought to our area broken trees, branches, shrubs and a lot of autumn leaves from the forest bordering Pine Alley. We had to remove them very quickly and restore the functioning of our centre. After a few days the piles of branches accumulated were completely cleaned.

27 October 2018

The warm October 2018 made many tourists have visited the Bieszczady mountains. As in this year, we have noticed high temperatures these days. For a few days at 24 oC, the tourists were staying in the colourful scenery of Sosnowa Aleja and admired the beauty of this year's autumn. The children enjoyed a lot of fallen leaves and used them for various types of games. Their parents spent their free time collecting mushrooms, which appeared in the area of Sosnowa Aleja. In the opinion of people staying on holiday, the current autumn was exceptionally warm for them and they promised to return here in the following years.

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15 April 2018

On 14/04/2018, at the glider airport in Żernica Wyżna, there was an Open Air Day. The pilot Piotr Bobula was the organizer and host of individual attractions on that day. Eager guests from several dozens of guests invited from the Bieszczady area benefited from free glider flights. The guests came to admire the artistry and arrival of an aircraft squadron from the Krosno Air Club. Many interesting contacts have been made. Prepared catering allowed participants of the air day to participate in it all day long.
Tourists from  Sosnowa Aleja, observing the changing events at the airport, were pleasantly surprised by the organization and course of individual attractions.

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05 April 2018

On the 23rd of March 2018 there was a benefit of Mr Piotr Bobula's. It took place as a part of Podkarpacie Aviation Meeting (Podkarpackie Spotkania Lotnicze) in WDK (Provincial Culture Centre) in Rzeszów. Mr Piotr Bobula is a pilot. He is also a creator of "The Land of Gliders" ("Kraina Szybowisk"). During the meeting he talked about the history and beginning of gliding in Bezmiehowa, Żernica and Weremień in the Bieszczady mountains. He remembered his coming there and his first moments of settling down there. He talked about record flights and unique gravity takeoffs. The story of the flight from the Bieszczady to the Romanian border last year was very interesting and unusual. The representatives of Sosnowa Aleja who took part in that meeting visited and watched Piotr Bobula's photographic exhibition called "My sky" ("Moje Niebo"). Here are some photos from that meeting.

07 February 2018

The beginning of February 2018 pleasantly surprised the children and tourists staying in Sosnowa Aleja with a sudden change in weather. Two-day, heavy snowfall created a 60 cm cover. The children were happy to participate in snow games and they have fun. The result of such a large amount of snow was also broken branches, torn and damaged power lines and non-functional cell networks. The temperature dropped to minus 22 degrees Celsius. Despite this, tourists did not complain, considering such a change of weather as a great adventure. They asked if in the previous years of winter, they were just as beautiful as the present.

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09 December 2017

At the beginning of December 2017 much snow appeared in Bieszczady mountains. Abundant white fluff covered the grey of the end of this year's autumn. A few days' snowfall brought a lot of joy to our tourists and to our dog Dusiek. It loves winter fun. But the snow was too heavy for the coniferous trees which led to the breaking of many branches and uprooting coniferous trees from the roots. Despite these natural anomalies, the Bieszczady mountains look beautiful in winter scenery and promising for winter sports enthusiasts and tourists.

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15 October 2017

At the beginning of October 2017 the tourists staying in Sosnowa Aleja visited TROLL inn in Cisna. They were greeted with the wooden figures of trolls guarding the entrance to the inn. The trolls give the inn the specific Bieszczady climate. The troll resembles a human figure. It comes from Scandinavian folk beliefs. Our tourists had some regional dishes there. They can also remember the nice climate and atmosphere made by some wooden decorations and the big fireplace reminiscent of the troll's shape.

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13 August 2017

Some tourists living in Sosnowa Aleja were interested in the fate of Lemkos. The Lemkos are an ethnic group living in the Bieszczady Mountains. This is a group of Ruthenian highlanders distinguished by rites, dress, faith and material culture. Farming and cattle breeding were their main occupation. They were also famous for their craft. Solinka, Żubracze, Mików, Duszatyn, Rzepedz and Jawornik were Lemkos villages the most situated in the East. That East Slavic ethnic group had lived here until they were displaced in 1945-1947.
Our tourists went to Liszna to the mini ZOO where they could know more about Lemkos. They also could see the miniature reconstruction of the Lemko village. They were surprised by the accuracy of the details of such a village.

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04 July 2017

The vacationers from Sosnowa Aleja stopped in Radoszyce to see the orthodox church. That Greek Catholic of Saint Dimitri church stands by a communal road in the village center. Now it is used as the catholic church. It was built in 1868 on the site of the previous one built in 1507. The building is an intermediate form. Inside the church there is an iconostasis from the temple construction period, a rococo altar from the end of the 18th century and interesting paintings. In front of the entrance to the church there is a brick bell tower from the early 20th century. It is integrated into the fence of the cemetery where there are several gravestones.

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18 June 2017

Our brave kitten Kitka gave us three kittens. She has been looking after her children very carefully. She protects them against two other cats Skarpeta and Lejos. Our dog Dusiek, as the host, also guards the safety of the small kittens. The entire group of animals is of great interest among our tourists, especially among children. The children do not give the cats a moment to rest.

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06 June 2017

We have just found a place to relax in Jabłonki in Baligród commune. It was organized by the local Forest Inspectorate. A beautiful pond is used to draw water. The space around the pond is a place of quiet and peaceful relaxation. There is also an umbrella roof with some tables, benches and a barbecue oven. Next to the umbrella roof there are two places to make an open fire by the tourists. By advertising this place we encourage our guests to spend their free time there. From there they can walk to see Lasumiła, the thickest fir in Poland.
See the news no 20.

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01 June 2017

Lasumiła is one of the thickest fir tree which grows in Łopiennik area belonging to Baligród Forest Inspectorate. That tree trunk circuit is 519 cm near the ground, circumference measured at a height of 130 cm is 165 cm, and it is 35 m high. It is the natural monument. In 2014, after the ceremonial naming a nice, nature trail which can lead the tourists to Lasumiła was also open.

According to our tourists who walked along that path, it is a very interesting trip.

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25 May 2017

Because of bad weather the tourists from Sosnowa Aleja decided to visit The Historical Museum in the castle in Sanok. The military exhibit was the most interesting part to see for them. There are many different types of weapons there. The earliest are from the Middle Ages and the youngest of the World War II. Some of them were used to fight with UPA bands 1944-1947. A special place is occupied by the weapons used by the soldiers of the Podhale Rifle Regiment from Sanok.

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02 May 2017

The Spring of this year has come to Bieszczady much earlier. The first wild geese appeared already at the end of March. April weather was fickle and variable. However, cool days and low temperature did not cause big losses in flowering cherries. Storks, willingly arriving here and flying over Sosnowa Aleja, were cleverly searching for food.

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21 April 2017

For many years, during the Lenten Fast, the priest of Zagórz parish Józef Kasiak has organized the special service The Way of the Cross in the ruins of Carmelite monastery. On the way the praying people go along the path and they stop at:
- the source next to the Samaritan and Jesus Christ's sculpture,
- Jan Paul II statue - Bieszczady pilgrim,
- the stone board with 10 commandments,
- the board with wooden writing about the catholic rules,
- every station of The Way of the Cross.
Then people go to the top of Mariemont hill to pray inside the old church and consider the passion of Jesus.
The young people from Sosnowa Aleja took part in such celebration in Zagórz before Easter.

Read more about the ruins of the Carmelite monastery in Zagórz - click here.

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11 April 2017

On the 9th of April 2017 some people living in Sosnowa Aleja had a short trip to Slovakia, not far from our place. Going there, they stopped in Radoszyce at the source whose water is said to have healing properties. The legend tells us that 140 years ago there was the girl with a serious illness. Nobody could help her recover, so she went to the forest and after spending there many weeks, she stopped at the Barbura stream. Mother of God appeared to her and told the girl to wash in the water of the source. The girl did it and she recovered. Since then many people not only from Poland but also from Slovakia and Ukraine has been visiting the source, because the water is known from its healing power. At the end of 20th century the chapel was rebuilt. Now, the religious services are held in it. The source was also encased in bricks and stones. Our tourists were impressed by the history of that source and the taste of its water.


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05 April 2017

Some guests from the USA New Jersey were staying in Sosnowa Aleja. On the 4th of April 2017 we decided to show them The Conservative Hucul Horse Breeding in Wołosate. After we had recognized how to reach there, we started our trip to meet Mrs. Agnieszka Jackowska, the manager of the horse stud. She told us many interesting things about the breeding of such horses. We took many photos. We hope that some of them make our guests visit that place.

See more - 15. Conservative Hucul Horse Breeding
20 March 2017

On the 17th of March 2017 some students from Wielkopolska, who were staying in Sosnowa Aleja, visited The Historical Museum in Sanok. The young artists had the special, organized for them classes. They could find out more about Beksiński's life and his creation. Maria, the museum guide read the young people Beksiński's testament. Then, she told them about his works. After coming back to Sosnowa Aleja the guardian Mrs. Anna Zajder said that it had been one of the most fascinating lesson. The young artists were interested very much in contemporary art, surreal painting, drawing, sculptures, art photographs and computer photo montages.

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08 March 2017

On the 1st and 2nd of March 2017 a dangerous storm broke many trees and bushes in Sosnowa Aleja. There were many different unexpected things coming to us with the wind. It took us some days to remove the effects of the storm. It was hard work.

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08 March 2017

Some tourists from Kielce wanted to visit the ski lift in Karlików and to ski there. The trip was a big surprise for them. Going to Karlików they could see fabulous landscapes, serpentine roads and the orthodox or catholic churches. They took many photos of the small orthodox church in Kulaszne. Because of much snow there were very high, snow walls along the road. It was the unique view an unexpected adventure for our guests.

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27 January 2017

On the 27th of January over 100 people (adults and children) took part in the open ski competition which we had informed our guests about. The DZIDOWA slant was prepared very well. There was much snow there and it was sunny. It was possible to have warm meals and drinks. Our guests liked it very much. See the photos.

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25 January 2017

There is much snow in Sosnowa Aleja this year (about 60 cm [~2 feet] deep). For over 3 weeks the temperature has been between minus 10oC (14 oF) to even minus 20oC (-14 oF) at night. That is why we look after the animals not only living in Sosnowa Aleja but the wild ones living in this area as well. We have got some different feeding trays (see the photos) where we put nuts, seeds of cereals and oil plants. Black birds, tits, bullfinches, chaffinches, crows, jays, magpies, sparrows and woodpeckers are often our guests. We also look after wild animals like deer. We give them fresh, odorous hay very often. Our dog Dusiek (see the photo) has a look at everybody and everything what happens here every day. He looks as if he was a boss!!! We also have the cats (see the photo - how important is to select and to cull the colours! If somebody wanted them to pose to the photo, they would never sit in such position.)

See more - 10. The animals and birds in "Sosnowa Aleja"
20 January 2017

There is still beautiful winter and much snow in Sosnowa Aleja. This year the winter holidays are something special. The children and their parents don't stop enjoying to play with much fresh, white snow (about 60 cm deep). They also can ski not far from Sosnowa Aleja in Weremień and Bystre.

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13 January 2017

On the 27th of January 2017 there will be held the open ski competition near here.
See: http://www.baligrod.krosno.lasy.gov.pl  We invite everybody to come to Sosnowa Aleja and to take part in it.

See more - 8. Ski competition "Nadobnica na gigancie"
14 November 2016

It was snowing almost all the night 13/14 November 2016. Free in the morning, we could admire the beautiful, white world covered with 20 cm deep snow. Our dog Dusiek enjoyed it very much and he didn't want to go back home. He "washed" his hair and, ate some snow... What a pity that he can't ski!... but you can do it!!! So, we invite you to come to us in winter too.

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11 November 2016

Some visitors from Zamość, who were staying in "Sosnowa Aleja" from the 10th to 13th of November 2016 wanted to see something unusual in Bieszczady. We advised them to find one of the biggest stone-pit where the blue touristic way can lead them.

See some photos to admire the attraction and severity of that place. Isn't it huge?

See more - 6. The stone-pit
03 November 2016

There is the most beautiful, green touristic route not far from "Sosnowa Aleja". At the beginning of November 2016 we arranged a short trip for our guests. That green path is 2,3 km long and leads us along Hoczewka river. Don't worry! It is safe for children and old people. Being there, you can see a nice bridge, stop over it and observe the small waterfalls. At the end of that path there is well-organized, big enough place with many benches, a small water eye and umbrella roof. Please, see the photos!!!

See more - 5. The new path for walking and resting
02 November 2016

We would like to show you some photos presenting the autumn beauty in "Sosnowa Aleja" and neighbourhood. Walking among colourful trees, slowly falling down leaves and the forest fragrance can make you really happy. Such "picture" is unforgettable...

See more - 4. Autumn in Sosnowa Aleja and neighbourhood
15 October 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen! We would like to inform you that on the 10th of September 2016 the summer-house was finished and opened. Since than our guests can feast their eyes on the beautiful view around it having a comfortable sit and resting after a long walk. Please, see the photos showing the beautiful view from the summer-house. However, we know that none of the photos can show you the real atmosphere of that place. We invite warmly our guests to come here and personally drink in the beauty of that place.

See more - 3. The summer-house has been already opened!
15 October 2016

In June of this year, we could start mushrooming for the first time. There were 4 kinds of mushrooms: maślaki, kurki, kozaki rydze. Nowadays, after a few days of the rain, we have maślaki i kanie. Kanie are famous from their delicious taste. Many people look forward to mushrooming. We invite you to stay here at night and to start mushrooming free in the morning. That is the fun!!!

See more - 2. Mushrooms in Sosnowa Aleja in 2016
14 October 2016

Some unexpected guests from "Hotelowe Recenzje" - the YouTube canal - visited us some days ago. After their visit we released the short film telling you about that meeting and presenting "Sosnowa Aleja". Please, see this film. It can help you know us better.

See more - 1. HOTELOWE RECENZJE firm in Sosnowa Aleja

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